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Using a master list column and being able to link to other sheets

I have a question in regard to creating a dropdown list column. I want to be able to have a MASTER list that when I add a new item to the list that it will update to other sheets that contain the same list. Is this posible. I can see that I can copy and link rows to other sheets but it would appear that I cannot format a column as the dropdown list and then copy and paste just the "format" of the column including the list to other sheets. Does anyone have any suggestions. 


The function I require this for is that I have a template to create production items I have a list of items that I can select. For each project sheet I have the same list but if I add a new item to sheet it is not available in other projects/sheets. I would have to open every sheet and add the item to each column list.


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Dynamic lists are not as yet a feature within Smartsheet. It is something that I believe they are aware that a large number of users would benifit from.  When it may appear I do not know.


    I cannot at the moment suggest an alternative except of course to keep your template up to date so any new sheets have all the additions.


    I would like to see the ability to set up a Master list sheet and like in Excel create Named ranges for each of the lists. If then you could in the setup of the columns when you choose dropdown list you have the option to choose a Named List.


    Sorry I cannot be more forthcomming but perhaps if people like this comment then Smartsheet will see the desire amongst its user population.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Kathy and JamesR - Dynamic lists isn’t something we are currently working on but we are tracking feedback for this request and I will pass this thread along to our product team! 

  • This is a must have featuer for us to keep using Smartsheet. 

  • Kathy Coulthard
    edited 05/26/15

    Ok so after now using Smartsheets for a short period it has become appearent that this is a must have feature. If you have a list and add to it for standard items to use either with a template or new sheet it becomes a mess! 


    We have standard lists for - Product List, Production Status, Company List. These lists are pretty standard across almost ALL sheets either created as new or from a template and yet there is no way to have a MASTER list and link that column to the new sheet. This is causing us a large issue. I do not understand how others do that use this type of list.

  • In reference to my previous comment it is also a huge disadvantage to create a template and then incorporate a list only to have it outdated in a week or so. You then have to open the template, create a new sheet, update the list, save as a template and if this is over a few templates well need I say any more! We have different lists on all the different sheets which just get confusing.


    I must say this is the only feature that we would REALLY like and do like many of the great existing features that made us get smartsheets in the first place.

  • This feature would make our project tracking a lot easier, especially for teams that may not interface with smartsheet as often as others.

  • I agree. Dynamic lists are a must.

  • This feature would prevent me from buying database software from a competitor. This would make us much more productive and allow us to have smaller sheets instead of massive (oversized) sheets.

  • darklydrawl
    edited 10/27/15

    Yes, Strongly support this request.  You need to provide the functionality to do this, otherwise Smartsheet is just a toy.  I know this sort of data integrity is the domain of a true database, but a lot of folks (for better or worse) use Excel as a defacto database - and you are chasing their market.

    You need to be able to set up a list (aka named range) on a seperate sheet, and then bind / link that list into a drop down box on another sheet.  When you change the master list, all references using that dropdown need to update as well.

  • I add my vote for this sort of functionality. I want to show only a list of available equipment for checkout based on already checked out items to prevent double-booking. Additionally I would like those lists to be behave the same way on the web form when the requestor is picking what they need to checkout.

  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi to all the above community members seeking Dynamic Dropdown lists that will populate as many other sheets with fresh data as required. 

    We have been building and testing a solution for this and now happy to see who needs it with a Demonstration Screenshare? and evaluation discussion. 

    There is a cost to this though, so probably only suitable for those corporates that can see value in it? 

    Just email me for a one 2 one Screenshare Demo? (I am unable to email those who have not listed their contact info?) 


    Regards to all. 


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