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I have a MSFT- Promo account and a month ago I created recurring Update Requests that are being sent out to my 17 customers. Since the upgrade last week, I cannot find the Updates that I created but they are still being sent out (yes, I checked Alerts and Actions). I keep getting a message "Upgrade to Business or Enterprise" but my Admin says that the Promo account should have this capability.


  • Hi DajO,

    I'd recommend checking that your promo account is a business or enterprise by clicking on your Profile icon > Account Admin. If it says "team" or "individual" then the account that you're signing in to need to be upgraded.

    Also, make sure you're signing in with the right email address. (You can check the email you're using by clicking your Profile icon.)

    If you find that you're not on a business plan and this is in error, reach out to your sales representative that initially configured the promo account for you or contact our Sales team.

  • DajO
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    Thank you, Shaine.