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I cannot find any resources showing how to create a summary row card in card view.  My lanes are based on stages of a project which is selected through a drop down on each row.  I would like to total the NPV of each project that is in that stage (NPV is one of the columns in my sheet).  How do I do this?





  • ricki
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    I think I had something similar so maybe this will help

    I had a parent row in my sheet for Sprint

    And then i had children rows for each item in the sprint

    I wanted to know what the total number of hours per sprint for each item

    My first attempt was to use a sumif with children. The limitation of this is that it would not capture any of the grandchildren

    If you need I could try and dig up that formula

    So instead I switched to a formula which used a sprint column in each item row. I needed to do this as two columns - one was estimate and a second sprint estimate to make sure things didn't get double counted


    =SUMIF(Sprint:Sprint, "Sprint 22", [Estimation of Effort]:[Estimation of Effort])



  • Hello,

    To create summary rows with totals, you'll want to do the following:

    1. Temporarily your sheet to grid or gantt view
    2. Establish hierarchy by indenting child rows underneath a parent, more info on this in our help center:
    3. Create a SUM function that adds together your NPV children, e.g. placing this formula in the parent row: =SUM(CHILDREN()) 

      More information on the SUM function here: