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Set Highlight Changes "as of" date/time

Chuck Hague
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

The highlight changes feature is fantastic...however, it would be very nice if you could set an "as of" date/time.  For example I created a SmartSheet today and sent it to my team for feedback...I can't use the highlight changes now because everything I did initially shows up as a change.  If I could set a date/time as of my last edit, then antyhing contributed since I did my initial work would be highlighted.  As I'm only using this for a couple of days at most...the highlight changes won't be of a lot of value.  I can, of course do conditional formatting to achieve this, however I would like to see an enhancement to support this.


  • Terri Pavlovic

    There is the ability to highlight changes since a "Custom Date" that you enter.  But it sounds like you need both date and a specific time as entering a custom date defaults to midnight.


    You could also try highlighting changes since "I last viewed this sheet".  May not be ideal, but might help.

  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Chuck, 


    As Terri mentioned you can set the Highlight Changes setting to highlight anything from a custom date, but there isn't a way to enter a specific time. I'll be sure to add your vote to enter a specific time in the Highlight Changes settings to our enhancement request list. 


    As Terri mentioned, an alternitive that may work would be to select since I Last Viewed this Sheet. 



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