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Dear All,

I have a quite a large program plan. To have a level one plan, I have a column with a check box to indicate what needs to be shown in the Level 1 plan.

On filtering the Checkbox the Gnatt Chart view shows the dependency links, however when I export the same to PDF view the dependency links disappear? I have tired the same in different browser, ie Chrome and IE but get the same results.

Can someone please explain the same why is this happening?

Many thanks in advance.

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  • Gwyneth C
    Gwyneth C ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    By default, only the Task Name is exported to the PDF. To include other columns in the exported PDF, you'll need to specify which columns you want to include in the PDF Setup window.

    Here's how to do this: from the PDF setup window, under Options, click Edit and select the additional column values that you’d like to display.

    Hope this helps!