Text overflow (horizontally)

Hi. How do I make text overflow horizontally? I want to add a nice looking title to a spreadsheet, etc. and currently the only wrap is vertically. This would seem to be a super basic functionality yet it seems that Smartsheet can't do it? To be honest, it will be really disappointing if this is not possible.  


  • Gwyneth C
    Gwyneth C Employee Admin

    It sounds like you are looking for  a feature similar to "Merge Cells." Smartsheet does not currently support a feature like this for sheets in grid view.

    Depending on your ultimate goal (for example, if you're sharing the sheet data with a group of people and want to highlight a collection of columns under a heading), you might consider creating a dashboard or portal to share the information. In a dashboard, you can include a title widget which will allow you to label the sheet data under one heading. 

    Create or Edit a Smartsheet Dashboard or Portal


    Please do take a moment to let our development team know about your desire for a merge cells feature. You can use the "Submit Product Enhancement Request" link on the right side of this page to do that.





  • Possibly another way around this, is to add a "label" functionality.  My requirement is similar.  Not to merge the cells, but to allow the text to flow over the next column.  Aesthetically pleasing sheets will help newcomers to adapt to using smartsheet.