Is there a way to Center things on forms

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Is there a way I am able to center the headings and information or does it always have to be on the left side of the form.  


I have attached a copy of the form I am using and now I want to be able to center all the information or move around things on the form to have it linear where an email address and phone number would be on the right side rather than underneath each other.


Also is there a way to add additional information if not everything is done at one time other than an update request. 



Form Capture.PNG


  • Gwyneth C
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    Currently, it is not possible to center the fields on a form.

    Here are a few things you can change to make the form easier to read:

    • Add headings or a section divider
    • Include Help Text
    • Choose the orientation and specify options for multiple choice items

    There's a more about how to do these things in the "Collect Information with a Form" Help article (

    If these ideas don't meet your needs, you might also consider using the add-on for Google Forms. This add-on allows you to connect a Google form to Smartsheet. You'll find more information about the add-on here:

    Finally, I encourage you to submit an enhancement request (using the "Submit Product Enhancement Request" link on the right side of this page) to let the Smartsheet development team know of your desire to have more control over form formatting.

    Thanks for your question!