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Good morning. I created a meeting request form for business units to fill out so we can capture information we need about an upcoming conference.

I'm trying to rig the way the information is captured on the sheet and am having a little trouble with the Nested IF.

I have columns for each meeting date and a drop-down option for the times that are available. I have to set it up this way, due to what we need to collect in the form, but or events team purposes, we need the Day to populate vertically so we can sort correctly.

So far I've added a symbol column next to each day/start time column. I have a formula in the symbol column that says if the start time column is not blank then turn the star on. I then have a formula that says if the star is turned on in the Monday column, write "Monday" in the Day column.

I got that far, BUT what I need to do is continue the =IF. I need it to be =IF(Monday1 = 1, "Monday"), IF(Tuesady1 = 1, "Tuesday"), IF(Wednesday1 = 1, "Wednesday")....etc.   

The formula above does not work as a nested if. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi Karen,

    A nested if means that each subsequent if statement replaces the value_if_false part of the previous one. So you need to end up with all the brackets at the end. For instance =IF(Monday1 = 1, "Monday", IF(Tuesady1 = 1, "Tuesday", IF(Wednesday1 = 1, "Wednesday",etc...)))

    However this is going to be tricky to use, what happens if someone enters data in the Tuesday Column when there is already data in the Monday column? There will be nothing to stop it getting lost.

    Wouldn't it be easier to have fewer columns, something like the screenshot below? You can still use a nested IF to derive the weekday, but from the date field, rather than from a number of different columns.


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