How to have users only able to see and edit rows assigned to them?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


We have a number of sheets spread over different workspaces. We only want the users to be able to see and edit tasks allocated to them. We do not want them to be able to see information on sheets that is allocated to others.

Initially I thought that I could set up a sheet(s) and allocate rows to a specific user. I was then going to run a report across all workspaces filtering the allocated to column by ‘current user’. I was going to restrict access to the sheet, and only give the users shared access to the report. I have since realized that if someone does not have access to the source sheet, the information will not display on the report. Is that correct?

My work around (I am hoping) is to share the relevant workspaces / sheets and use filters to change what the users can see on a specific sheet.

My question is – can I apply a filter to a sheet template so that it is always saved when we create a new sheet? Ideally when the user logs in and views a sheet the “current user” filter is already applied.

If there is a better way of allowing a users to only see and edit information relevant to them on sheets / reports please let me know.