Harvey Balls / Lookup or Max ?


Dear all,

I am trying to find a smart way to use formulas to make a large data table more accessible. The situation is as follows:

I have a number of companies that are represented by one line in smartsheet. This line included a unique ID as well as names, etc. For each companies I can have 1 or more lines - children - that include specific data for a task checklist. 


I am looking for a way to update some fields on the unique row with max details from the children if this does make sence. I.e. Each task list has an overall status represented by an harvey ball. If the companie has currently two additional rows and one if completed and one is at 50% I would like to have the company line show the full harvey ball and a reference field should indicate if this is task list one or two.


Can that be accomplished by use of formulas? I have some 500 single unique rows I need to manage and try to keep track off.





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