Could I refer a cell as part of the sheet name in functions?

Karl Guo
Karl Guo
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have a column with different carriers such as "AT&T" and "Verizon". And in the following column is a complicated nested functions, and part of it is doing search depending on the carrier name. For example, for the row "AT&T", I want search in the sheet named "ABC AT&T". For "Verizon", I want to search in the sheet named "ABC Verizon".

I use the match function and it is something like this:

match("keyword", {ABC AT&T (XT1973SK) Range 1}, 0)

Is there a way to refer to a cell in the sheet name? Basically, I want something like {("ABC"+ [primary column]1)Range 1} to refer to a sheet.  


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