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I have multiple projects that have their respective project schedule sheets and I created a dashboard of one project. I was wondering if there was a way to make a template of that dashboard so that I could make the same dashboard for all of my individual projects.


  • Hi,

    not really.

    As you may have seen, there is no "Save as template" option. Makes sense, as a dashboard usually connects to multiple project specific reports and data for it's widgets.

    On Enterprise plans you can use the Smartsheet Control Center (SCC) to roll-out a set of sheets for a project type, including dashboards. SCC does all the magic link modification in the background. Shure, you need to configure this and you need to setup your templates in a structured way, so that a dumb computer can always identify the correct target for links.

    If Enterprise is no option for you, then you could probably start with the set of sheets needed for a project in a "template" folder, make all the links and dashboard connections work there.

    This would allow to copy the folder with all its sheets to a new destination. You'll need to make shure, that in the copy dialog the links in the sheets target the new destination.

    Hope this helps to get you started.



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  • I've been working with Smartsheet for a few months now and at least having some sort of dashboard themes would be really useful. A color hierarchy could be set up so that titles and charts always start with my companies main color and then cycle through dimmer and dimmer shades before switching to a secondary color.


    Could I submit a feature request for that?




  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Elvis,

    Yes, it's a great idea! That would be a great addition to Smartsheet features.

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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  • Sam Gollon
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    I actually found a fairly useful work around to this. If you have a dashboard (or any linked docs) that you want to create as a template, try the following:

    Take the template dashboard itself as well as the linked sheets, reports, and associated docs that feed into the dashboard and place them all in one folder.

    Select the folder, click "Actions", select "Save as New...", and then "Save".

    The newly created "Copy" folder should contain the dashboard and all the associated docs which all should be linked to the docs within the new folder.

    After this you would really only have to change to document names to reflect the current project.

    Rinse and repeat for new projects.

    Hope it helps!

  • Sam Gollon - Thank you for the suggestion! Using my custom master dashboard as a template, I needed to create individual project dashboards. The thought of setting them each up and customizing with our brand colors was daunting. Thanks for the easy fix. SS should definitely allow for converting a dashboard into a dashboard template.