Restricting Text/Number Columns to a Format

reagan.cink ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello all,

I have dug around enough to be certain that there is no feature to restrict a column to a certain data type (i.e. restricting a text/number column to only be 6 numeric digits). This is something that would be extremely useful to have, especially with the amount of forms that I, along with my Smartsheet colleagues, use on a regular basis. 

If Smartsheet were to add this feature, it would make the use of forms much more robust.

Thank You


  • Hello,

    You can, to a certain degree, restrict columns to only allow certain data types. (More on this in the Column Types help article.)

    You are correct that Smartsheet doesn't currently have this level of data validation such that a column is restricted to certain characters and character limits.

    When you have a moment, please submit a product enhancement request using the form under Quick links on the right of the community site to let our Product team know that you'd like to have this feature added to a future version of Smartsheet.

  • @reagan.cink @Shaine Greenwood You can validate form fields for certain inputs.

    Text/Number column can be validated for number, percent, phone, email.

    Contact column can be validated for email.