Report filter not working properly

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


I'm not sure if there is an inherent filter mechanism as part of Smart Sheet reports but I am trying to use the report filter function to only show rows for specific information.

Column 1 - list of products (e.g. apple, orange, grapes .. etc)

Column 2 - list of groups that buys the product (e.g. group 1, group 2, group 3)


1) Each row in column 1 is unique

2) Multiple group in column 2 can be associated with each of column 1 but not vice versa (e.g. group 1 may buy both apple and orange but apple will not be bought by both group 1 and 3)

3) There may be blanks in column 2 (e.g. no group buys the product)


Based on the column setting and assumptions, I've applied a filter to see what products I have and what group has made a purchase (filter by contain "group), my result in column 2 shows blanks and groups as if it was not filtered.  Question here is, what may be causing this?  Is it a sequence of the way Smartsheet filters data or is it something I am doing wrong?




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