Conditional formatting with heirarchy and card view

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Hey All,

I'm having difficulty getting my card view tabs to show a certain color based on percentage complete for the subtask. When I create the rule it either highlights all the subtasks based on the parent percentage complete, or does nothing at all. I am trying to have individual subtasks change color base on percentage, then the Parent task do the same thing based on the average of all the subtask. I see that I am limited when it comes to choices of formatting and which directions I can go. I will also need to be able to copy the Parent along with Children down the grid view to create new parents unless someone knows how to template that card but I did not see an option for that. I am new to Smartsheets but I do have a strong understanding of excel and other platforms but maybe i'm missing justy a small part when it comes to Smartsheet! lol I have attached pics to showed desired result. 


Thank you all in advance!




  • Hello,

    It's possible that you're using whole numbers in the context of your rule (e.g. when % complete is lower than 50 then turn the task bar red). Smartsheet treats percentages as decimal values between 0 and 1. This means that you'll want to instead convert your whole number into a decimal; for example, when % complete is lower than 0.5 then turn the task bar red.

    If that doesn't work, please provide a full screenshot of your conditional formatting rule.

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