Alerts & Actions Issues

mikeb ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We have implemented a Smartsheet that uses a vacation approval workflow. A form is used by an employee to request time off. Once the form is submitted, an entry is made in the Smartsheet and an approval request Alert is sent to the appropriate manager for approval. This part is working. When the manger receives the email, the manager will click the "View Request" button and be given the option to approve/deny the request. Whichever button is clicked, an acknowledgement field is updated in the Smartsheet. This also is working. A notification Alert is then configured to send an email to the employee informing him/her of the acknowledgement change (When Acknowledged changes to one of Acknowledged, Let's Chat Notify Employee right away.). This is the part that is NOT working. The employee never receives notification. I have tested this out with myself as the employee and others. Note that the employee field is a contact list, Alerts and Actions Permissions are set to Any email address (although I have tried the other settings also with no luck), and the users personal notifications settings include Update and Approval Requests as well as the Sheet Change Notification Settings all checked. Please help.