Still no versioning?

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I'm a new user to smartsheet and was considering going for the business license, however, I noticed a pretty big flaw in SmartSheet 4 days in. SmartSheet has no way of reverting changes.

One of my team members accidentally deleted 59 rows worth of data, and had no way of getting it back. I found that SmartSheet doesn't track deletions on its notification bar, only updates. But looking at the History log, saw the time of deletion but not the actual data.

Someone requested this feature back in 2015, but it's already 2018 and I'm perplexed as to why such an important feature hasn't been implemented. It's disappointing since I was very attracted to the plans.


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    Hi There,

    I've been using smartsheet for a few years and love it!

    I have an automatic back up that happens regularly for this exact issue. In the unlikely event that someone makes a mistake, I can pull the backed up version.

    It's not perfect, but does help if the worst happens!

    I've copied a response from another previous post explaning how to schedule and run a back up. Hope this helps.



    Hi Greg! To backup your sheets, folders, or workspaces go to your Home tab, right click on the sheet, folder, or workspace and select Request Backup. From this menu you have the option to include attachments and to receive an email when the backup is complete. Team and Enterprise customers have the option to set up weekly recurring backups by right clicking on the item and selecting Schedule Recurring Backup.

    Backups will include a zip file containing your sheets as Excel files with your sheet data and discussions. Any attachments will be included in a separate folder within the zip file.

    Here’s more information from our help center on backing up your data:

    We also posted a blog article on backing up your data: