Report Frustrations from SmartSheet

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I have been using Smartsheet now for about 2 months.  While I love it for so many reasons, I am frustrated too.  I love being able to run the reports, there are so many great filters......why don't they just allow a function to add totals to the reports.  Hence, when management asks me to report the sales numbers based on "criteria" they want totals, not a list of stuff.

It seems counter-intuitive to have to export to excel and run formulas and pivot tables or create  summary tabs and unnecessary columns for special totals that mess up my tabular data. 


I understand it is a database view but even in MS dynamics I could run a view total and do graphs from the view. 

I have very basic data (but want the collaboration of smartsheet) and I would love to be able to run reports - then grab the totals the reports to Dashboard  - It seems I have to recreate the wheel.   

Does anyone else feel the same way?  



  • Javed Hassan
    Javed Hassan ✭✭✭✭

    If I understand correctly, the report and related totals are ending up on a resulting dashboard. If this is correct, you could make a summary sheet (or put the totals in the top rows of your sheet) that gets your aggregate values, and then use the Metric widget to display those values on the dashboard.

  • zaneeveritt

    I agree! Maybe I'm missing something, but I would like to do formulas on Reports as well. Just simple counts would be a great start, so that I can take that from the report and add to the dashboard. Is there a way?