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Linked Sheets and Dragging Rows

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When dragging rows to another sheet, is there a way to keep the information from the Parent sheet which to information is being pulled from? This would obviously automatically create linked cells back to the parent sheet that the information is dragged from. Is this possible?


Current Process:

My company is basically trying to have a "Master Project Management" sheet that keeps a live record of all the project info AND live progress. How everything is setup right now, is every operation department has their own workload sheet. As the project progresses and operations complete, we drag the row into the next operation department.


For instance we have the following sheets:

Estimated Projects Sheet

Awarded Projects Sheet

CAD Department Sheet

Field Sheet


What we are trying to achieve:

When a manager wants to know the status of current projects and if things are getting held up, it would be beneficial for them to just look on a master sheet that has linked "status" columns that find a certain field from the projects current process.


Open for suggestions to better the operations as well...





  • Kendra Miller

    You can use the cell linking function to link entire rows but your column headers have to be the same across all of the project sheets or you'll have to link cells individually.

  • JohnHinkle
    JohnHinkle ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Cell linking would work well, after moving the row, link a cell in the row back to the parent row in the original sheet. You can also link any other field that you want to be updated when the original sheet is updated. 


    You could also add a new column to your sheet that contains the text from the parent row. Then whenever you move or link a row, it will contain that parent row information. 



    Another option is reports (we LOVE reports! Laughing). Reports can automagically pull in rows from multiple sheets based on whatever criteria you set. Assigned to a specific user, past due, green status, etc. Pretty much any aspect of your sheet can be used as a report criteria. Not only does it always stay up to date, but you can edit the rows directly from the report. This used with the column containing parent row info might solve your problem! Check it out: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/522214-creating-reports

  • Rey Martinez

    Not certain how this fall in this category but I have a small shop that I need to keep client info and track progress. So I created a Client Contact sheet, so when a client comes in I have them input name, number, email and so forth. What I had done was added more fields (that cleints do not need to see) to that same list but now I think I would like to just keep one sheet for client info and the second for internal use but I do not want to maintain two seperate sheet. I know I can hide fields but it seems to troublesome to hide and unhide all the time. I'm having my clients signin on tablet and I would use a labtop. My employee will have access to that same tablet but nly need him to select the completion field once a project is done.

  • DianaDavila


    I would suggest you create a web form.  and use the link on you I pad and they can fill in the information to your main list. :) 



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