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I need help to do something if possible. From my table, i want to make a filter which will show just the rows which has the specific terms. Ok, this is easy and I know how to do this. My issue comes when I have one more column where the fields containing numbers from 1-5. So, I want to somehow make additional filter which will show just the rows which contains numbers from 1-4 and also contain criteria from the first filter. The problem is that for the first filter I need to check "at least one condition" as I have 3 columns and need to filter all which contains word for example "test" in at least one from these 3 colums... and then filter them again to show just the ones which have numbers from 1-4 in the fourth column.... 


I really hope that you understand me and what I am trying to do...


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello Shady,

    It sounds like you're wanting to combine your filter criteria into an AND with OR such that it meets the 1 - 4 number AND testing being in Column A OR Column B OR Column C type of logic.

    This currently isn't available with our current filter functionality. When you have a moment, please submit a product enhancement request using the form under Quick links to the right of the community site to let our Product team know that you'd like to have that feature added to a future version of Smartsheet.

    With that being said, you might consider creating another column, a checkbox column, in your sheet and placing an IF formula in it that will check the box when "test" appears in one of your 3 columns. An example of this formula is as follows:

    =IF(OR([Column A]1 = "Test", [Column B]1 = "Test", [Column C]1 = "Test"), 1)

    You could then create a filter that must meet all criteria, with the two criteria being:

    • If the box in that column is checked
    • If the number in your column is between 1 and 4

    More information on our functions can be found in the help center:

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