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Send update request with selected columns when certain conditions meet



Is this planned to implement as a new feature that sending an update request automatically when certain conditions met? For example, I need to send update requests to next approver for rows that checked as "Approved" by previous approver. Columns should be selectable when setting up the update request. I want update requests were sent automatically. It looks like a notification, but instead of sending a message it sends an update request.



  • Bill Doyle
    edited 10/23/15

    Not sure how to do it myself but I've found that sending an email to the help team on the smartsheet gets answered pretty quickly. They will help you with whether the sheet can do it and how to proceed.

  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Dorjsuren, 


    Currently there isn’t a way for an update request to send automatically on a row based off a condition, nor is it on our Product Roadmap (https://www.smartsheet.com/product-roadmap) as a feature we are currently working on, but I’ll be sure to add your vote for this capability to our enhancement request list. 



    -Zack S

  • Dorjsuren Baramsai
    edited 10/23/15

    Biil - Thanks for the tip.


    Zack - Thank you for submitting to enhancement request list. I think if we have this capability, we can create a workflow that have multiple approver. I'm trying to do it with an update request because the approver should not be able to alter each other's "Approval status" column, for example. And, with update request, approvers doesn't have to be a shared user of the sheet. This will allow us to protect our data from changing by approvers directly in the sheet, accidently. Also, with update request, we can choose which columns to be sent for update. Thus, with new kind of update request, I hope that I can setup an update request for each approver by selecting associated columns, and it will sent by SS automatically when specified conditions has been met.

  • Patrick Lawler

    Hi Dorjsuren, 


    This exact problem can be solved using Azuqua, an integration partner of Smartsheet. I work for Azuqua and the conditional notification scenario you referred to is one of the many scenarios we enable inside of Smartsheet.


    Using Azuqua you can set up a monitor for a change either to a row, column, discussion or new row added to a sheet and then send an update request to a person assigned to that row. The notification can also be based on matching a specific condition of a cell inside that row as well.


    At this exact moment we can't customize the columns that are sent in the email, but at least you have the ability to send the update request to the specific individuals in the row when particular conditions are met. In the emails that are sent based on the individual you can include a message that tells them which columns to update.


    If you want to learn more please visit our app listing at Smartsheet here:



    Please feel free to follow up with any questions.


  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    +1 to this feature request.

    We have a sheet we use for ordering, and this functionality could be really nice.  Currently the employee requests it, then manually sends the UR to the mgr who approves or declines it, who then manually sends this to the office manager who completes the order and follows up with it, who then sends an update to the employee when the part arrives.  

  • Tom Gore


    In the Azuqua video a Project Plan is used to send an e-mail when certain conditions are met.  Can any SmartSheet be used?  Can multiple SmartSheets be configured in a single Azuqua "rule"?  Can a Report be used?  If a Report is used, does the report show the latest results of the SmartSheet that was used to build the Report?

  • Anthony Lunn

    Did you ever find a solution for this? I am also trying to find a similar remedy. I want an update request to go out on a trigger date set so I can get follow-up feedback without going in any manually doing update requests. Like you I don't want to do them in batches either since the trigger dates vary by days and weeks...

  • Gavin Drake

    Any update on this, or anyway to work around this?

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