Combine Kanban flow and Gannt

Mattias ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

This might be a post in the category feature/best practice.


I do find myself working quite often in a combination of Kanban and Gannt. 

The feature/best practice I would like to find is a way of handling some tasks as pure Kanban items in card view without soiling my beautiful Gannt view.

As an example, if I do need to add a task "Verify delivery of schematics" I would like to add that as a task in card view.

I could of course do some fancy dancing and create these tasks as milestones and then place/filter them to not end up in the Gannt view.

So I turn to the black belts of Smartsheet with this, how do you make your socks rock?


  • Hi Mattias,

    The best way to see only the tasks that you want depending on the view is to create filters. More information on filters is available in our help center:

    You can create a filter for Gantt View and one for Card View, only showing the tasks that you want. An easy way to filter is to create a checkbox column and check the box when you want something to appear in Card View. You can then create a filter that you'd apply while in Card View which only displays the checked boxes (not displaying any unchecked box).

  • Mattias
    Mattias ✭✭

    So if I understand your instructions correctly, I can add a checkbox in Gannt view and then filter on it?

    I did a test and it kind of works. One problem is that I do lock up my filter possibility with a default filter.

    It also seems that when I add a card with the filter applied in Gannt view, it doesnt auto update the filtration, I have to deactivate/reactivate the filter to get the filtration to react to added card.

    My wish was more the other way around, to be able to add a task in card view without it showing up in Gannt unless I want to show them.

    A checkbox in in card view "Hide from Gannt", and then an option in Gannt view, "Show all cards".

    I guess this is a feature request rather than a quickfix with the current filter possibilities then...