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Good morning Smart Sheet community.  I have been tasked to create a commission tracking smart sheet for our sales team.  If you have a pre-fab sheet(s), and willing to share, I would be forever grateful.  Otherwise, here was my thoughts on said sheet.

First sheet would be for the actual sales. This would have a form available for the rep to fill out. Data would flow to the sheet, and there would be check mark boxes for each month of the year for bill review.  Accounting/HR would bill review, and place a check mark box in the month that the rep should be paid. (12 months, each month with a check mark box). 

On a separate sheet, we would start to tally up items.  If 01/18 is check marked, then look at the cell that shows the commissionable payout (let’s just say its 10% of what the MRC are). + If 02/18 is check marked, then add another amount. So on and so forth.  This data would show what the total payout for 1 sale is for the year (as it is a residual).

I would also need on same sheet/ or a separate sheet, to add each sale. IE, Sale line 1, if check mark on 01/18, add the commissionable of line 1. If sale 2 has check mark on 01/18, then add commissionable of sale 2. If sale 3 is check marked on 03/18, then add commissionable of sale line 3. If Sale 4 does NOT have check mark on 01/18, then do NOT add commissionable from sale 4.

And last, create dashboards for the agent to show what each month payout of commissions should be, and even tally up totals paid for the year so they know, as well as management.

Or again, if you have a better way of tracking sales and commissions, I would be ecstatic to see what you have.  Thanks community!!!


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