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Cathy Fraser
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Hi, I am trying to extend a formula to look at a second Criterion in a spreadsheet. the current formula is 

 ="NSW (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "NSW") + "), QLD (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "QLD") + "), NT (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "NT") + "), WA (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "WA") + "), SA (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "SA") + "), VIC (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "VIC") + "), TAS (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State7:State61), "TAS") + "), NSO (" + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(State6:State61), "NSO") + ")"


Now I know I will need to go COUNTIFS to pick up the second criterion, but it does not seem to work 

I have put a few screen shots in. the first one shows the results of all projects that =NSW, but I want it to only show the results if it = NSW and the Project stage is Project WIP as shown in the second snap shot

Hope someone can help me.



Capture result.JPG

Capture Project WIP.JPG



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