Report not showing a row

Eric R
Eric R
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a project plan with rows linked to a sheet. I am attempting to pull a report on this sheet, but the report is not pulling in all of the criteria.

The project plan has a column titled "Tags", which has Milestone and Timeline. These tags are included on the linked cells in the other sheet. I Run the report to include all rows that contain "Milestone" in the Tags column and it should pull in 15 results, but only shows 13. When I run the report to show results where the tags column does not include Timeline (thus showing only Milestones) it shows 14 rows, but should show 15. 

I have tried running the report with both methods but including and excluding time, line, mile, stone, etc., and the results are never correct.

When I run the report against the project plan itself, the correct information is displayed, but it pulls in formatting I don't want (hence why I did links first).

I've even completely rebuilt the sheet with the links, rebuilt the report and obviously checked all of my spelling in the Tags columns, but nothing works. It either misses two or three rows every time.

Report issues.JPG