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Is there a way to get the autonumbered Row ID to display in the web form that feeds my smartsheet?

P Robertson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


It appears that system columns cannot be added to a web form. I need a way to assign a number to each submission that the submitter can see in the email that is sent back to them.


  • Patrick Lawler
    edited 10/26/15

    This exact problem can be solved using Azuqua, an integration partner of Smartsheet. I work for Azuqua and the conditional notification scenario you referred to is one of the many scenarios we enable inside of Smartsheet. 


    Using Azuqua you can set up a monitor for a new row added to a sheet via a webform. With the new submission we send an email using Smartsheet "Send Row" to the person who submitted the form, which includes the system auto number.  


    If you want to learn more please visit our app listing at Smartsheet here:



    Please feel free to follow up with any questions. 



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 10/28/15

    Hi P - you are correct in that system columns will not appear in a web form or the web form submission confirmation email.


    You could manually send the row to the user after they submit the web form or you could use tools that will do this automatically.


    Zapier is a tool which utilizes our API to perform automated actions. You can build a "Zap" which will email the content of the row (including system columns) to whoever submitted the form (it would require them to add their email address to a field in the form). Zapier is a paid app but there is a free version which could likely meet your needs (I use the free version all the time).


    Check out zapier.com for more information!

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