adding multiple approval stages for request form

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I need to create a service request form that goes through different approval stages in our company.

Stage 1 would be this: Co-worker fills out the request form which then goes to our accounts payable guy (AP) to check the budget.

Stage 2: AP then decides if there's enough budget. If not, the co-worker receives a message that it's been denied due to insufficient funds. If there is enough in the budget he forwards the request to the service department head to review.

Stage 3: If service department head does not approve the service, the co-worker receives a note saying the request has been declined. If approved, the specialist executing the service receives a new row in his job sheet with all the columns needed to complete the job. The specialist can not be included in the approval process and must not know the budget. Once the job is completed the specialist enters a link to the result which automatically gets forwarded to the co-worker that requested the service.

Is that workflow even possible to create in smartsheet?