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Resource management - split task



I have a question. Is there a possibility to split a task? for example, I have a task with 4 days duration and this task will be assigned to a person. He is working 5 days a week, but the 3rd day he has a day off (task 'day off').


Is there an easy way to split the task to monday, tuesday, thursday and friday?


Thank you.




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Not realy as you have no way of having resource calendars.  My recommendation is to incert a new task under it name them Part 1 and Part 2 link as appropriate with a one day lag.


    Alternativly, insert two new tasks under it and indent them so the original task becones a summary bar and then link in the two tasks with the appropriate links and a lag between them.  Ths Summary bar will show the full task and its subordinates the detils.

  • Doug B
    Doug B ✭✭✭

    Hi, the ability to split a task would be a nice addition.  It's not unusual that a task may be put on hold, and then restarted at another date.  The gantt chart could show the task assigned to this resouce and the gap when it's on hold.  Another applciation would be holidays, which would show on the Gantt.  Any chance we can get this on the request list? Anyone else interested in voting for it?



    b.t.w. really liking the ability to upload images into Smartsheet!

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Doug,


    I agree this would be a useful addition to Smartsheet! I will your vote for this to our enhancement request list.


    As for holidays - this functionality already exists! To add a holiday to your sheet, right click on a column header and select Edit Project Settings > Edit Dependency Settings > Working Days > Edit > Non-Working Days

  • i would like to have this functionality as well.

    I really miss this functionality in my project.

    Thanks Birthe

  • Shannon Buster
    edited 11/10/16

    I also desperately want this function to exist!

  • 99
    edited 11/16/16

    Definitely I would also like to be able to split tasks. Certainly with construction projects is often necessary phase the same a task to fit in with other disciplines.

  • I agree.  The ability to split a single task multple times is a MUST have for our business.  Having to create child rows for each split just doesn't work for us because in some cases we would need to split up the time for a task a dozen times.  Rather than create a dozen seperate child drows it would be nice to space out gaps of time on a single task

  • Mario Rodriguez
    edited 03/06/17

    This is real world situations, please consider splitting tasks Smartsheet. 

  • I agree - please add this functionality. This is a common "click and drag" graphical operation in your competitor's product. It is very useful when there are unexpected delays, or even an expected "shut down" of a specific task. One of the biggest omissions that I miss, having been switched to Smartsheet by our office decision makers. Creating a hierarchy of sub tasks, or phase 1/phase 2 adds needless complication to a simple schedule, and can affect printing sizes.

  • Has this been sorted yet?

    My example is we have to mow an oval every tuesday for 52 weeks as part of consolidation maintenance.  The actual activity takes 1 day.

    I dont want another 52 lines in my program.

    I want to put one line / activity in.  It can last for 52 days and I want to split it 52 times so it falls on every Tuesday.

    Is there a way yet? It is incredibly simple in ms project.


  • No this has not been resolved.  I'm not sure it's even something they are working on.  I've talked with several of their sales reps about this over the phone and each time they say that by bringing up the issue it becomes something they will discuss to consider if they should change it or not.  So I'm not sure if this topic has even made the cut of "things we should possibly do" let alone something they are actively working towards

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