Average Value Errors

dana y
dana y
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


Was hoping someone could see what i am doing wrong here; i am attempting to take the value of two cells and average them.  Both are percentages. 

i use the formula =AVG([average calc]33, [average calc]34) and i get the "DIVIDE BY ZERO" error.  From what i read this may be due to the particular column is a dropdown list .. 

so i created a new column (just text number type)  .. sent the results of the two columns there and attempted to use the formula again; still divide by zero error.  

i then added the word value to the front of my formula; to help out with the text vs number deal - still error. i created yet another column that is not a dropdown list .. used the average function with no luck; then  added the word value there also with no luck.  anyone see what i am missing? 

avg error 2.PNG

avg error 3.PNG

avg error 4.PNG

avg error1.PNG


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