Working Days in Dependency Settings with Predecessors

Brian Benham
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I currently have weekends blocked out in the dependency settings/working days.  However If we get behind on the schedule and decide to work a weekend to catch up, how do I add back in a single weekend.

I use predecessors to keep the project in the right order of operations.  If I manually fill in a date on a weekend and something else changes on the schedule that weekend override is now in the wrong order because it broke the predecessors chain. 

I understand the putting and e in front of days will override a nonworking day, but if that task moves past the weekend we decided work then it overrides the wrong weekend, or tasks don't get scheduled on the catch up weekend

If this function doesn't already exist it would be awesome to be able to go into project settings, Dependency settings, edit working days and use a modifier like - or + in front of a date to add it back in.  example +10/27/2018

Thanks, Brain