If project status complete - stop calculating formulas & Conditional Formatting

Dan Seidler
Dan Seidler ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions


Currently at row 1600, waiting for a cell's formula to process the formula may take up to 10 minutes.  For instance, sometimes when I change the duration of a Child row by 1 day, it may take 10 minutes for the End Date to advance by 1 day.

I use A LOT of formulas, cross-sheet references, as well as Conditional Formatting.

Is there something I may add to my formulas (or a Rule to the Sheet) where Smartsheet stops looking at completed rows (Reprocessing formulas, Durations, Conditional Formatting)?

Due to the loss of formulas, I cannot move most of the completed projects to another Sheet because there is an opportunity for the project to become reactivated due to client-requested changes.

Thanks - Dan


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