Using Smart Sheet and Web Form to manage testing

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


Are there any recommendations you can provide to using Smart Sheet and Web Form as workaround to traditional testing applications to manage repetitive testing (case management and result gathering) across multiple users performing same test case?

I'm currently using a reporting template but there are numerous limitations.  Volume being one of them as test cases likely need to be horizontally laid out.

Alternative I am thinking about is using multiple reporting sheet with grouped result running to a lead sheet by links.  However, this can also be cumbersome due to volume.


1) The Web Form should allow population of results and editable for changes to results.  I have referenced another discussion thread that this can be done via rules but what if the tester's name is unknown before test starts?

2) Can structurally manage 100 to 150 test cases and results across 150+ users

3) Result layout can be manipulated to allow statics gathering (e.g. % completion overall, % completion for section x testing)

Expectation: systematically manage high volume of results to help isolate and categorize pass/ fail results