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Shade every other row in Grid View


How do I make my grid view smartsheet to automatically shade every other row a different color background so it's easier to read?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/22/15

    This can be done using a checkbox column with an IF formula.  In row 2 of the checkbox column, add this formula:


    =IF(CB1 = 1, 0, 1)


    This will keep the box unchecked if the box above it is checked and will check the box if the box above it is unchecked. Drag fill this formula down your entire sheet, which will check every other row. Next, set a conditional formatting rule that will grey the entire row if the box is checked. Then hide the checkbox column. With auto-filling formulas, the formula will be added to new rows you add. 



  • Marc Langeskov

    Hi, sorry to resurect this post; however, I like this solution the only issue I have is that it breaks when you re-sort rows.  I have chnged the formula to look to see if the cell below is checked (as there are always blank rows at the bottom of the sheet).  what I have found is that when resorting the sheet the checkbox formula is still 'locked' into the original cell that was below the row in question.  Hope that makes sense.


    Is there somethign I'm missing or is there an alternative way to get the alternate row highlight?




  • Claire Diener

    I would also love a soultion to the this when sorting and/or filtering!

  • Dan Chambers

    I'm just trying thus but getting an UNPARSEABLE flag when I paste the formula in (=IF(CB1 = 1, 0, 1)).

    Any help?


    Many thanks, 

    Dan Chambers

  • Dan Chambers

    OK, sorted via a different route:


    using: if(column name1 = 0, 1, 0)


    No checkbox column, but creates a binary column (0, 1, 0 ...), then conditional formatting for the row colour.


    This still gets messed up when sorting, though as the row shading moves with the data....



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