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Imported Contacts not 'syncing'

Ed Perkins
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I imported an excel spreadsheet that has a column of names. 

The column was imported as text.  I changed the column property to Contact list. 

As I add people to my  account contacts, the rest of the cells in that column with the same name are not sync'ing (?).  Smartsheet wants me to add another contact entry. 


Is there a way to get Smart Sheet to recognize a newly added contact by sweeping through the selected contact column?  If not, that what be a great function to have, even if I have to push a button to activate it.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Ed, adding users to your Smartsheet Contacts will not change data in your sheets. The quickest way to change the name for multiple tasks will be to filter the sheet to only show rows assigned to the user, change the name for the first row, then drag fill the new name down your sheet. 

  • Thanks Travis.  In my case this won't be too bad of a fix, BUT I have other things I want to import that have contact names columns where this solution would be very unacceptable.  There really needs to be an option on the the column header for a contact list that would 'verify' the all names in the column and hook it together with the main contacts.  There also needs to be a way to import Smartsheet Contacts from an Excel spreadsheet.

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