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COUNTIFS to ignore "#Missing or Invalid Paramaters"

Dan T
Dan T
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts



I have a column that use "Networkdays" to calcuate the "Start" and "End date" of a row. Example:


Project Name:     Start Date:    End Date:  Duration      


Project A              11/16/2015   11/17/2015     2 

Project B              11/16/2015                       #Missing or Invalid Paramaters


I would like to use the COUNTIFS or COUNT to count the "Duration" column and ignore the "#Misisng or Invalid Paramaters".  


I am getting the #BLOCKED return instead of 1.  Please help.   Thank you


  • John Hammond

    Hi Dan, formulas will return an error if they reference cells that contain an error. I would add a condition to the formula that is producting the the #MISSING OR.... error  that will display a blank cell if that condition is met (for example, of there is no end date, display a blank cell rather than an error).


    =IF(ISBLANK(EndDate1), "", ....... 

  • Dan T

    yep. Thank you.


    =IF(AND(ISDATE([Begin Packaging]11), ISDATE([Complete Packaging]11)), NETWORKDAYS([Begin Packaging]11, [Complete Packaging]11, $Holidays$144:$Holidays$156))

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