Parent Roll functionality Calculation of subtask Duration calculating wrong

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There is an Task hierarchy created with the layer of 5  Main sub task.

For this 5 layer Sub task Duration calculation is wrong when i tried with dependency and without dependency

Can any one help me on this




  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi Sara,

    It looks and probably is correct. Check your Project Settings > Working Days so that is set up the way that you want.

    The Start Date for a Parent will be automatically set to the earliest Start Date from all of its Child Rows. Similarly the End Date will be set to the last End Date from all its Child Rows.

    The Duration on the Parent reflects the number of working days between the Start Date and End Date in that row. It provides the full time span encompassed by that section of tasks, from the earliest sub-task to the latest, as opposed to a sum of their durations.

    The % Complete on the Parent row will calculate a weighted percentage based on both the Duration and % Complete entered on each child row. In this way, completing child rows with shorter durations won’t affect the Parent row % Complete as much as completing a longer duration child row. Because of the way this is calculated, only sub-tasks with a given Duration and a given % Complete value will be included in the parent row roll-up.

    More info:

    I hope this helps you!

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