Can you auto-replicate rows in a sheet based on a cell value?

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

We're putting together a Proof of Concept for our project management team. We're "this close" to being able to replicate all the functionality they need. But, we're stumbling on one item.

They would like Smartsheet to automatically replicate a row when the value in one of the cells is set a certain way.

Specifically, they're envisioning having a Test Scenario sheet that automatically creates a copy of a row (a test scenario) when that scenario has been flagged a 'failed'. The reason for this is they want to have a record that shows how many test runs were conducted, by whom, and the result of each test.

Is this possible? It's ok if it requires and API. The important piece is being able to have the functionality.


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