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Is there a way to recover rows that have been deleted from a sheet? 


  • Andrée StaråAndrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭


    Three options.

    1. Look in the Activity Log and try to recover the information from there.
    2. If you have a weekly backup enabled that could also work.
    3. Contact the Smartsheet Support Team and see if they can help

    I hope this helps you!

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  • Brad JonesBrad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭

    Keep in mind that even with the backup:

    1. You will not be able to restore any cell history.

    2. You will not be able to put the comments back in with the correct layout.  (time/date/user stamped, etc)

    3. You will not be able to restore the original value of any system column where an index was created.  (e.g. a unique ID or counter)

    4. You most likely will not be able to restore the attachments correctly because even with a backup none of the attachments have markings to show what row they were attached to.


    So yes, you may be able to restore the latest cell value, but you have lost much.

  • So glad you're on top of this issue, Brad.  This is a major flaw in Smartsheet, and I am surprised that it hasn't been addressed yet. 

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