Find and replace formulas?

Find and replace formulas?

Mike WildayMike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭
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Does anyone know of a way to find and replace formulas in my sheet? Or to find and replace a portion of a formula that exists throughout my sheet? 



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    Mike, I am following your post.  From all of my research on the Smartsheet community, I believe this feature does not currently exist.  Casting my vote for this to be implemented.



  • Smartsheet are currently asking us to fill in the survey about the Community, so when I filled mine in I suggested that there should be a way of referencing a enhancement request back to the community, seeing as there are a lot of threads like this.

    I've also suggested it might make sense to have a button that will create an enhancement request from the discussion!!! I'd be going round creating them right left and centre if they do that, as sometimes I'm just too busy to actually fill in a request at the time, especially as I've usually just found out there's no simple solution and I have to do a workaround!

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