Allow access to specific items only

Ofir Marco
Ofir Marco ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all,

I am creating a set of sheets.

  • Main sheet: gathers all the tickets about issues raised from the field (customer).

    Ticket (row) will be added using a customized form.

    tickets are coming from several types of users.
    • Engineers that belongs to the company.
    • Engineers that are external and belongs to the customers.
  • Sheets per customer:  implemented as reports. each report pulls only rows that has specific customer.

The need is that the company's engineers will be able to access and edit tickets from the sheet, we can let them see other user's tickets but basically i know that i can create a default view filtered for "current user" items.

On the other hand, the customer's engineers should be able to update only their tickets if needed, but they should be allowed to view only their tickets.

Issue are:

  • The trick of "current user" items filter will not work because they can easily un-filter and see everything. 
  • We don't have a fixed amount of users.
  • In order to provide access to one of the reports that are customer-based, as far as i know we will also need to give edit permissions to the main sheet.  is that correct?  (we don't want them to be able to access the main sheet.
  • We can send an update request so that users will update outside the sheets, but the link is a one-time link and we will need to send it again.  from the update request automatically rules we need to trigger it by a change in a column.  we cannot rely on the sheet admins to trigger it once a week or by demand, so we need an automatic way to send it frequently. 
  • Using "send update request" by right-click --> update request on the rows and define it as weekly is also not good enough since there will be changes and new rows will be added dynamically so it will be hard to track it and add the notification for all rows all the time.

Any idea or a better way to implement it to meet the requirements?