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Hello, I was wondering if a visual solution to show baseline dates vs. actual dates on gantt charts is already available. Thanks


  • Alison
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    This is a great question.  Here's an article on how to create Baseline functionality in Smartsheet:


    I've also included a quick summary here:

    Though we don’t have any programmed functionality for this, an approach many customers take within Smartsheet is at the beginning of the project, create 3 new columns ‘Baseline/Planned (or Original) Start Date’, ‘Actual Start Date’, and ‘Date Difference’ which is a text/number column. 

    These new columns won’t be used in the Gantt Dependencies so they won’t change as the timeline changes. Highlight all of the dates in the Start and End Date columns then copy them to the Baseline columns.

    Create a formula in the Date Difference that subtracts the Baseline or Planned Start/End Date from the Start/End Date to give you how far off you are from the Baseline. You can check out the template called "Smartsheet Formula Examples” in the Template Gallery for formula syntax and samples.

    You can also put in an Enhancement Request here:


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    I recommend you to add it as an enhancement request.

    I've used the column solution in projects and I find it very easy for people to forget to copy/paste dates, hence loose the whole functionality of it.

    Also in the slip column, you have to add the formula to any rows you insert into the sheet.

    This function should be handled by the project managment tool, not as a manual labour function needed to keep track of as a PM

  • Alison
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    Hi Mattias,


    Feel free to put in that Enhancement Request at the link provided above, or under "Quick Links" to the right.  Thanks for your input!!



  • Mattias
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    Hello Alison, I have already done that. My comment was a recommendation for the thread starter to send an enhancement request for this since the work around isnt really a good solution when you implement it.

    Even though its impossible for us users to see any roadmap or what Smartsheet is prioritizing I hope that more voices will create more focus on project managment functionallity instead of visual enhancments / design changes

  • I have been using the trial.. but not having a baseline in the gantt (like microsoft project, visual and in the sheet) can be a deal breaker in my company.  It should be an automatic feauture of Smartsheet, for any PM it is basic to see the reality of a project vs. planned so yu can compare results, and plan better next time. 

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     I agree and to have it built-in would be a great addition to Smartsheet features.

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

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