Calculating total hours worked in a shift

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I'm trying to create a weekly work schedule for all of the employees at our company, so that we can see the start and end of shift and total hours worked per day and per week for each employee. 

I contacted the Smartsheet team only to find out that Smartsheet doesn't currently support time based formulas (which is such a a disappointment since so much of what we wanted to be able to do with the program involves reconciling cost AND time and pulling weekly hour information to properly schedule tasks by employee and department).

I've looked around a bit in the community to see what the workaround to the issue would be but I can't quite find something that works (or I may be using the information I found incorrectly).

I've attached a screenshot of the schedule I'm trying to create on Smartsheet and it's equivalent on Excel. The two columns for lunch time are normally hidden. I included them for this purpose since that time needs to be subtracted from the total hours worked and will need to be part of the equation.

Smartsheet Schedule.jpg

Excel Schedule.jpg


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