Redirect smartsheet links to the published link.

BarneeL ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi there,


Hopefully you guys can help me with this, as it would be something that would really help me out with the way my company uses smartsheet.


I have a template workspace I've put together that contains portals / dashboards with links to other portals / dashboards, that are also within the workspace. The way copying a workspace works is great, because if you connect links directly to the smartsheet files, when you create a copy of the workspace it will automatically update all the link references to the newly created smartsheet files.


However, these types of references require individuals to log in to a smartsheet account. I have a lot of people who I want to be able to access the portals, and all connected portals, via a public 'publish' link. Is there a way I can set up the smartsheet so that if somebody follows a link, and isn't signed in to a smartsheet account, they will get automatically directed towards the publish link?


I suspect this might be a feature request, but it would be something very useful to me!