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Feature Request: Calendar View wrapping of Task Name

12/27/15 Edited 12/09/19

The Calendar View would be much more useful to some of us if there was a way to wrap the Task Name so that the whole Task Name was readable, as opposed to the truncating that currently occurs.






  • edited 12/27/15

    I think if you hold down Crtl and press Enter you will drop down and start a new line within the cell


  • edited 12/28/15

    Hi Tim.  Thanks for the comment.  CTRL-Enter does force a newline in a cell, which is visible in the Grid View and the Gantt View, but the newline is *not* shown in the Calendar View.   The tasks in the Calendar View are all one line and a very short line at that, so only the first few words are shown and the rest is truncated.  What I want in this Enhancement Request is an option to wrap text for the Task Name / Primary Column shown in the calendar view. 


    Give this discussion some love (click the heart for the original post), and/or add a comment of support if you want to see this enhancement added to Smartsheet.




  • TravisTravis Employee

    Hi Stan - thanks for the suggestion! I will submit your feedback to the Product team. Laughing

  • Thanks Travis!

  • Stephanie TaylorStephanie Taylor ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree with Stan this feature would be very useful for us.  Please add my vote. 

  • TravisTravis Employee

    Added your vote, Stephanie Smile

  • We need this! Please include my vote! It's not helpful if you can't read the entire event name

  • TravisTravis Employee

    Added your vote, Ally!

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    This would be amazing. 


    Do you know if you can select a part of your Gantt chart so you can only see that in the calendar?




  • Sarah, you could use filters to hide tasks in your sheet. This will show part of your tasks in your Gantt chart and calendar views.



  • Add my vote too! This is exactly what I am looking for!

  • One more vote for this.


    Should be an easy fix. Come on Smartsheet - you have so many low hanging fruits - small updates like this that could be implemented in no time.


    And users would feel like this is a tool in constant development if you implemented small updates like this every week or two.

  • MikeyMikey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Can I add my vote for this feature as well please

  • Add my vote for this feature too, calendar is useless without task names! Why has this fix taken 2 years and counting?


  • Is this a feature yet??? Desperately needed.  The calendar view is not helpful otherwise and it's effecting my work in grid view as I try to come up with a bite size task that will be fully visible in cal view.

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