Clicking on "Open In Smartsheet" in email should turn off any active filters in the SS

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When one tagged in a comment of a sheet using the "@", that person gets an email with the message.

But often the formatting of the message is a little too condensed so the next logical move is to click Open in Smartsheet in the email.

This should take the user to the exact row. In a large sheet (many rows) and where users who are doing this are not particularly technical or maybe even somewhat technophobic, it's really ideal that the exact row is queued up for the user. When this doesn't happen, I've seen users get lost in scrolling and get frustrated.

The point is, the preferred, expected behavior is inconsistent because of an active filter.

If the filter is active and the row is not visible in that filter, then it appears to be a dead end as the sheet opens in terms of that specific row. If you're not really hip to the filter feature (and many aren't), you can think something is wrong when it isn't.

Is it possible to toggle off any active filters as the sheet opens?

If so, I'd highly recommend this for the above reason.

Open in Smartsheet screenshot.png


  • Alejandra
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    The behavior you describe will occur if the person who is choosing to “Open in Smartsheet” has a filter applied to the sheet. There currently isn’t a way to toggle a filter off when opening a sheet, but this would be a great opportunity to submit a Product Enhancement Request (you’ll find a link to this here in Community under Quick links on the right).

    It’s worth mentioning that applied filters are unique to you. That is, if you have a filter applied to your sheet, but the person choosing to “Open in Smartsheet” does not, the row will be visible and they will be directed to the expected row.

    I am sure you are correct that not everyone is familiar to the filter feature. If you want to point people to a resource, there’s a Filter Basics article in our Help Center that might help.

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    Great reply. Thank you!