vlookup w/ resources and dates

We are working on a manpower tracking sheet and trying to create a link from one spreadsheet to another, which will lookup a resource and then find the latest date that resource has tied to it. This will allow us to see when we have someone coming off a project and has not been assigned to another project (on the bench). Can you assist with what the formula looks like?


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    Happy to help. From my understanding of your request, you would like to utilize a resources email to pull the most recent date the user's email is associated with on another sheet. If this is correct you may be able to achieve this utilizing a VLOOKP: https://help.smartsheet.com/function/vlookup

    You may want to review this Help Center article discussing cross-sheet formulas to get a better understanding of how they alter the syntax: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476606-formulas-reference-data-fr…

    The formula could look similar to this: 

    =VLOOKUP("name@domain.com", MAX({Source Sheet Contact Column Range 1}), 2, false)

    Note: I would suggest referencing a contact column on the sheet containing the formula. That way you can reference different contact email address with the same the formula. This will allow you to simply look for the name on the reference sheet without manually modifying the formula. 

    The formula could look like this:

    =VLOOKUP([Contact Name]@row, MAX({Source Sheet Contact Column Range 1}), 2, false) 



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