Keeping Parent with Children when Filtering

Art Schneiderheinze
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a sheet with a list of courses to develop each term. Each row represents a course and modality (online OR blended). In most cases, only one modality is developed for each course. 

In some situations, we work on both online and blender modalities at the same time. For these courses, I have a parent with some course information, but then a child for each modality.

If I filter, say see all Online courses, the parent doesnt show up if any children are listed as online.

Is there a way that when filtered, the parent is automatically included if any of its children satisfy the filter criteria?

ROW 1: CUL 110 BL

ROW 2: HOS 234 OL

ROW 3: HRS 328 (Parent)

ROW 4: BL (for HRS 328, Child)

ROW 5: OL (for HRS 328, Child)

Rows 1 and 2 are not parents/children cause they are single courses with only 1 modality. Row 3 is a parent, with two children,  because there are two modalities to develop.

In a filter for OL (online) only, the relevant course info in Parent row (row) does not show in results,  just Row 5. I would like for Row 3 (Parent) to show too since one of its children do.