Formula for only Children rows but excludes Parent rows


Does anyone have any ideas or a sample formula where a value can only be applied within a column to rows that are of children level?  So essentially, if its a parent row it doesn't insert any value within the column, but if its a child row it populates that same column with a value.  


  • Nic Larsen
    Nic Larsen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You might need 2 helper columns to identify parent or child rows. Then build your formula with a qualifier to check the helper row first before moving forward. We use these two:

    Level - To identify what level down we are on

    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]@row)) > 0, COUNT(ANCESTORS()) + 1)

    Task - To identify actual task or child rows

    =IF(Level@row >= 1, 0, 1)

    Task is a Checkbox column type. It will check the box if child. It would be easy enough to run a query against it first before doing your formula in whatever column you are using. 



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