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Max number of rows?



  • Stuyvenstein
    edited 04/09/19


    I am receiving this error using the Smartsheet C# SDK and my row + cell counts are not even close the values stated above. (2000 rows with 55 cells each)

    Please see my attached screenshots for reference to my row / cell counts.

    If there is a more complex manner of determining when this limit will be reached then perhaps we need it highlighted, otherwise this seems like an error or bug on the Smartsheet side of things.

    Hope you guys can assist. Thanks in advance.


    I think I may have misunderstood.

    If I look at the values stated above, then 5000 rows with 200 columns means 1 000 000 cells, but the cell limit is stated as 200 000, so does this mean that you could only have 5000 rows if you have only 40 cells per row or less, and likewise you could only have 200 cells if you stay at 1000 rows or lower?



  • Shaine Greenwood


    All of these limitations apply.

    Your sheet can't exceed 5000 rows or 200 columns; it also can't exceed 200,000 cells. If your sheet has fewer rows and columns but exceeds 200,000 cells, you'll receive this max sheet size error.

    There isn't a way to increase this limitation. My recommendation is to split up your sheets into smaller logical volumes. You can even use the API to create new sheets before these limits are reached!

  • anilkrag1984

    Hi Travis understood that the above limit is fixed and we cannot import the data beyond this limit, How can we deal with the Situation if we have the below count-

    * Rows :- 37000

    * Columns :- 10

    Any suggestions?


  • Shaine Greenwood


    You may need to consider moving rows (completed tasks, for example) to another sheet. You can do that with the steps in our help center article here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504748-moving-rows-columns-cells

    Another idea is to consider breaking the structure of your sheet apart by logical structure (examples: a different sheet for each department, or a different sheet for each phase of a project) and then you can use a report for a combined view of multiple sheets. More info on reports can be found here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/522214-creating-reports

  • I heard the limitation is increasing to 20,000 rows in January 2020. Is this true?

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