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Merging inventory

I have an inventory I do each month and have a fairly simple question but not sure what is the best way to complete this task. I have 3 columns. ItemNumber, ItemName, and TotalQTY. The first sheet is what I actually have on hand in the warehouse the second sheet is what our system says we should have. So far very simple. The problem is the system has items that we do not have in our warehouse and some items that are in the warehouse are not in the system. I want to merge the two sheets so it will have all of the data on one sheet while showing the TotalQTY of each so I can see the variance between the two. I understand that some rows will not have a variance since they will not be in both sheets.


  • Hi Steve, can you just merge the two sheets into a single sheet or is there a reason why you need two sheets? You can have a column for what your warehouse says you should have and a column for what your system says you have on hand, then create a formula to show the difference. 


    If you need two sheets, you could use cell linking to link the quantities of each sheet to the other sheet. This is live data and you can build formulas off this data.

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